Set-up Contract Management for new Enterprise Procurement Function


  • No consistent process or centralized controls (outsourced service provider would process whatever was requested)
  • Lack of visibility and contract intelligence; no single source of truth
  • No visibility into spend or vendor types, no vendor tiering
  • Executive decision to insource and set-up entire Procurement function
  • Need to integrate all US branch offices under a single corporate initiative
  • Contract risk not efficiently managed.


  • Consultant hired to help implement best in class approach, processes, tools
  • Developed detailed e2e process flow
  • Established framework for procurement org. for all functions applying strategic sourcing techniques, vendor scorecards
  • Identified and received commitment from business leads and stakeholders
  • Implemented technology in conjunction with process development
  • Hired, trained staff for enterprise with 80% in India, 20% in US under US-based Director.


  • Drove vendor consolidation from 3000 to 1100 vendors
  • 120 Tier 1 contract underwent extensive renegotiation resulting in 20% savings
  • Created “golden templates” for SOWs resulting in time savings through standardization
  • Created ability to review and negotiate 320-340 procurement contracts per resource per year resulting in fewer resource requirements
  • TCO savings from first full year of operation was 8%; larger savings in subsequent years after initial investments were paid off.

Company profile: A Fortune 500 Financial Planning & Asset Management Company

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