Global OMS Program Implementation


  • Manual management of obligations by over stressed onsite CCMs
  • No centralized obligation repository
  • Missing contractual obligations
  • Incurrence of penalties
  • Under/ over performance of contractual obligations
  • Revenue leakage
  • Client dissatisfaction.


  • Introduced automated management of obligations via tool
  • Mentored third party service provider on obligation management process
  • Worked with onsite CCMs to enforce importance & usage of OMS services, tool
  • Ensured all critical contracts were input into the tool allowing automated obligation management
  • Trained and spread awareness of importance of performing obligations.


  • Automated management of obligations
  • Availability of time with CCMs to focus on high priority activities
  • Reduction in revenue leakage
  • Well managed contracts, effective change control
  • Improved revenue assurance
  • Industry statistics - 10% of ACV reduction in revenue leakage & 100% improvement in obligation compliance
  • Actual Results from implementation - Over $90 million per year reduction in revenue leakage

IACCM Infographic