Creating A New Offering


  • Company A is active in big-data marketing analytics. For a new offering on a new market, Company A aimed to deploy a contractual relationship with the +50 global Retail leaders. Negotiating such deployment typically take 3 to 6 months, each.
  • The challenge was to decrease the sales cycle time to 1-2 months.


  • Based on IACCM concepts such as ‘contracts simplification’, ‘trading relationships’, ‘value add contracting’, the CTA Advisor, helped perfecting ‘fit to market’ products,
  • The solution included a simple 2 pager General Business Conditions that match the retail market generally accepted practices
  • An easy to use playbook was created, including a delegation matrix allowing fast selling actions.


  • The still running deployment, projects a massive reduction in ‘time to money’, reaching expected growth one year earlier as compared to Company’s business case.
  • The cost of doing sales are reduced significantly.

IACCM Infographic